GI Joe Price Update

Since the values of certain items can fluctuate greatly over time, The Toy Collectors Guide prides itself in keeping up with the most current market trends and any shifts that may affect the various secondary market prices. There are many factors that drive those trends and shifts which include, an item’s time period, scarcity, consumer demand and overall condition. The good news for GI Joe collectors is there is always a demand for these items, as Hasbro created some truly memorable and iconic items through the years with multiple generations of collectors. GI Joe toys have always remained popular with collectors and fans, while maintaining consistent and steady growth. The line has seen yet another revival of late with multiple GI Joe lines being sold on the market today, that include the Super 7 Re-Action Line, Retro Collection and the incredibly popular Classified Series.

Unlike other vintage toy lines, such as Masters of the Universe and Transformers, the new Joe action figure lines are not affecting the original released toys in a negative way, in fact, it’s the complete opposite. This is mostly due to GI Joe being around for such a long time and collectors having already been through several different iterations of their favorite characters. For some toy lines, buying the newer “Retro” toys are obviously a much cheaper way to re-live your childhood, so it’s naturally going to have an affect on the values of the original toys, but the Joe toys from past generations are still consistently trending in the right direction. The 1982-1994 Joe line looks as healthy as ever, while the 1970’s Adventure Team line remains incredibly popular and in demand. The original 1960’s Joe line did not see a lot of movement, but will always considered a “blue chip stock”, as values rarely dip. Overall, the various GI Joe lines remain extremely healthy and very much in demand, with many items remaining very affordable. This bodes well for the future of GI Joe items and collectibles with an absolute rabid fanbase of collectors, who continually seek out items from their favorite American Heroes.

In addition to the value updates, there has also been some additions and enhancements to certain Joe pages to enhance the experience. We hope you enjoy the newest GI Joe update and as always, keep the feedback coming.

GI Joe through the years:

1964 – 1969

Action Soldier

Action Sailor

Action Marine

Action Pilot

Action Soldier West Point

The Shark’s Surprise

Action Marine Demolition

1970 – 1978

Land Adventurer

Sea Adventurer

Man of Action

Air Adventurer

Official Team Vehicle

White Tiger Hunt

Team Helicopter

1982 – 1994

Snake Eyes



Storm Shadow

Cobra Comm



U.S.S Flagg

Sky Striker

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