Indiana Jones Price Update

Since the values of certain items can fluctuate greatly over time, The Toy Collectors Guide prides itself in keeping up with the most current market trends and any shifts that may affect the various secondary market prices. There are many factors that drive those trends and shifts which include, an item’s time period, scarcity, consumer demand and overall condition. The good news for Indiana Jones collectors is there is always a demand for these items, as Kenner, Hasbro, Disney and LJN created some truly memorable pieces. Indiana Jones toys have always remained popular with collectors and fans throughout the years, with consistent and steady growth. The line has seen a revival of late with the massive hype of the new upcoming Indiana Jones movie, Dial of Destiny, this June. As a result of the revived interest in Indiana Jones collectibles, Hasbro has re-released many of the original Kenner figures, Retro Style, which feature molds of the original toys in their original packaging. Hasbro is also releasing a brand new 6 inch “Adventure Series” line of figures, which we will be adding soon.

The new Retro line is obviously a much cheaper way to re-live your childhood, so it’s naturally going to have an affect on the values of the original toys from the 1980’s. That being said, it remains to be seen how much of an impact the new Retro line will have on the original Kenner figures from 1982. One thing we can say for sure is the Kenner, LJN and even the newer Hasbro line from 2008 all saw increases due to the revamped interest in the Indiana Jones franchise. Even certain items from the Star Toys and Disney park exclusive lines saw increases. Overall, the various Indiana Jones lines remain extremely healthy and very much in demand, with many items remaining very affordable. This bodes well for the future of Indiana Jones items and collectibles with a rabid fanbase of collectors continually seeking out items from their favorite “finder of rare antiquities”.

Indiana Jones items that saw increase on this update include:

Indiana Jones



German Mechanic

German Uniform


Arabian Horse

Indy 12″

Map Room

Streets Cairo

Well of Souls

Convoy Truck

Indy – LJN

Indy GI Joe

Mickey/Goofy Two Pack

German Soldier

Indy Disney 2020


Chief Guard

Indy Sword

Willie Scott

Henry Jones

Grail Knight



German Moto

Indy w/ Horse


Mutt Moto

Cairo Ambush Set

Jungle Chase Set

Jungle Cutter

Jungle Cutter TRU

Many other Indiana Jones from various lines also saw increases for loose figures and accessories.

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