Power Rangers

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When you think of iconic toy lines for each decade, the Power Rangers definitely stand out as one of the biggest thing to happen to toys in the 1990’s, and that continued into the 2000’s and even to this day. The Power Rangers are most definitely one of the most recognizable franchises in today’s toy world, and have been a staple on the small screen and toy aisles since 1993, but their journey to getting to that point was a long and sometimes complicated journey. Saban Entertainment initially began as a music and video production company, but shifted its focus to animatted and live action shows in the late 1980’s. Saban’s breakthrough hit was the mega popular X-Men animated show that debuted in 1992. That same year, Saban Entertainment purchased the U.S distribution rights to the popular Japanese television show, Super Sentai. The show, about a group of super hero teens, was adopted into an an English speaking format called the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”, which debuted in August of 1993, and the rest, as they say, is history. The show was tailor made for a toy line and Bandai was already producing toys based on the Japanese show, so it just made sense they would continue that production for the American version of the show. The first Mighty Morphin toy line proved so incredibly successful that Bandai initially struggled to keep up with the massive demand for new toys, but eventually found their rhythm and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers could be found in toy aisles across the globe. That success also branched out to other merchandising lines, as your favorite rangers could be found on everything from lunchboxes to school supplies, and from bed sheets to video games.

With so many iconic brands already in the market when the Rangers line began in 1993, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, GI Joe, Ghostbusters and Nintendo, toy companies knew they had to bring the public something new and creative to separate themselves from the rest of the masses. Unlike those other franchises, the Power Rangers had the advantage of having a pre-existing huge catalog of characters and vehicles to use for their toy line, due to the Japanese Sentai show that the Power Rangers were inspired from. Bandai truly unshed in a new wave of creativity and brought the fun back to toys with their Power Ranger toy lines. Beginning in 1996, each year would see a completely new team (mostly) with a brand new theme. That allowed Bandai to stay creative and produce several different versions of the various teams. The Power Ranger franchise was produced by Saban Entertainment until 2001, but was then sold to Disney later that year. Disney would run the franchise until 2010, when it was sold once again, this time back to Saban Brands. Since then, Saban has cranked out several different Power Ranger seasons and are currently continuing that successful streak on the Netflix streaming services in 2022 with Dino Fury (Season 2). The commitment and dedication from Bandai Toys to the Power Ranger franchise has shined bright over the years, and has definitely earned the Rangers line a spot as one of the most iconic toy lines of the 1990’s and 2000’s.

Bandai released some real quality Ranger products since 1993, which continues to this day. Just like every toy line, the values of certain items can greatly fluctuate over time. This is based on several factors, including the item’s time period, scarcity, consumer demand and overall condition. The good news for Power Ranger collectors is there is always a demand for items from this line, as Bandai created some truly iconic and fun pieces through the years. Loose individual figures can still be easily found in most secondary markets but carded and boxed figures from the early waves are becoming a bit tougher to find in good condition. It should be noted that while the main Ranger characters can be easily found, some of the secondary characters can be a little tougher to find in good complete condition. Values on the Power Rangers items remain steady with not many recent changes but the market remains strong due to the generation that grew up during that period in the early 90’s and into the 2000’s becoming more nostalgic and still wanting to have the toys they played with as kids. The recent revival movie and Netflix television series of the Ranger franchise is also driving prices slightly up from the early lines. New toys are back as well, with new products hitting store shelves daily. The figures, vehicles, multipacks, and zords from the Power Rangers line will only increase in value as these figures and sets become harder and harder to find in the future.