Big Jim Price Update

Since the values of certain items can fluctuate greatly over time, The Toy Collectors Guide prides itself in keeping up with the most current market trends and any shifts that may affect the various secondary market prices. There are many factors that drive those trends and shifts, which include an item’s time period, scarcity, consumer demand and overall condition. The good news for Big Jim collectors is there is always a demand for items from this era, as Mattel created some truly iconic pieces. That being said, values on many Big Jim items have seen an uptick over the last year, since Mattel released a trio of old school re-boot figures that included Big Jim as the Wolf PACK commander. These figures were made available at SDCC in 2022, and sparked some serious interest in the old lines. The Big Jim toy market had already been very steady due to that ever present 70’s and 80’s nostalgic desire for the kids who grew up during those years (myself included), to re-acquire the toys they loved from their youth. This, coupled with the new SDCC figures, caused enough of a ripple to shift the market upwards.

Among the upward movers on this update, were:

Big Jim
Wide Box

Big Jim
Gold Medal

Dr. Steel
Wide Box

Big Jack
Narrow Box

Big Jack
1973 Box

Big Jack
Wide Box

On The Tiger’s Trail

Big Jim Action Sets


Carry-All Case

Jungle Adventure

Safari Hut

Terror Off Tahiti

Baja Beast

Devil’s River Trip

Rugged Rider

Sports Camper

Big Jim: Commander

Big Jim Double Trouble

The Whip

Torpedo Fist

Swamp Patrol

New items added to the Big Jim All-Star Series line included:

Gold Medal Big Jack
Olympic Champ Figure

Gold Medal
Big Jim / Big Jeff Set

Winter Sports gear
Carded Wide Box Outfit

The Eagle of Danger Peak
Accessory Set

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