Power Rangers have arrived at the Toy Collectors Guide!


How many of us instantly think of that colorful team of heroes doing battle against giant evil space aliens whenever we hear those words! I would venture that almost every one of us do, since we all collect toys as a hobby. Whether you collect them or not, whether you watched them or not, whether you enjoy them or not, the Power Rangers have certainly etched out a permanent spot in fandom lore as one of the biggest toy franchises of the last thirty years. There is absolutely no doubt of the huge impact this team of heroes has had on pop culture.

The very first episode of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aired on August 28, 1993, while the toys were actually released about a month prior. Since then, this franchise has just grown and grown over time, and continues to this day.

The Power Ranger toys that are featured on our Toy Collectors Guide site cover the period between their initial launch in 1993 until Disney sold them back to Saban Entertainment in 2010. These are generally considered the golden years of the franchise and canvases the largest portion of the series.

The pages for all the Power Ranger releases covered on the site are separated by the year and theme of each particular season. Each page contains a full breakdown of all items released during that season, including photos, secondary market values and more. Like the rest of the site, these values are taken from the most current data available from all the major secondary market sites across the internet. This data is based on actual sales of the individual items and not necessarily the listed prices.

I hope you enjoy our new Power Rangers section and have fun exploring the site.

Now……………………Let’s Power Up and GO GO POWER RANGERS!!

Click These Links to See The Individual Power Ranger Pages

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