GI JOE Has A New Menu Format

The Toy Collectors Guide has now consolidated all three era’s of GI Joe figures under one banner on the menu.

Each era from the GI Joe line deserves its own section and needed to be separate from the others to give it the proper respect and attention it deserves.

What is different?
Previously, I had separate tabs for the 1970’s Adventure Team and 1980’s/1990’s modern era figures. Both tabs are now under one “GI Joe 1964-1994” tab on the menu. In addition, I have now added the 1960’s Joe era as well.

What will I see when I click on the “GI Joe 1964-1994” tab?
If you are searching for GI Joe items, you will begin by clicking on the master “GI Joe 1964-1994” tab from the menu. That will bring you to a Joe home page with each separate GI Joe era. This makes it much easier to find the Joe information you are looking for, and is perfect for browsing.

Are the individual pages the same?
Yes, each individual page remained the same, I just consolidated them under one GI Joe banner to make it easier to search.

Why separate GI Joe into three different sections?
GI Joe is naturally divided into those three sections because of the very unique era of each. The 1964-1969 waves focused on the military, while the 1970-1978 waves shifted from military to adventure themes. The 1982-1994 series shrunk the figures down to a 3.75″ size and went back to the military focus.

I hope you enjoy the new GI Joe format, along with all the new information I’ve added.

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