Masters of the Universe Returns With A Vengeance

When the Masters of the Universe line was first launched back in 1982, it was a massive success, to say the least. Mattel Toys took a big chance on an original concept line, that was loosely inspired by the popular Conan the Barbarian movies of the time. The series featured strong action characters with unique looks and powers. Mattel created an entire universe for their figures, including amazing creatures, vehicles and larger than life playsets. The animated series for the Masters of the Universe was equally a huge hit, and proved very popular with kids of that era. He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Hordak and all of their friends rode an extreme wave of popularity until the line eventually came to an end in early 1988.

The original Masters of the Universe toys had always remained popular with collectors and fans throughout the years, with consistent value, but something was about to happen that would have a direct affect on the original toys and their value………..A NEW SERIES REVIVIAL. Kevin Smith, along with Powerhouse Animation Studios, announced they were bringing the beloved Masters of the Universe franchise back in a big way by introducing the Masters of the Universe: Revelation animated series. The show launched in July 2021 on Netflix with very high expectations. It did not disappoint, as it quickly became a big time hit with fans and critics alike. Toys were launched from the new series in 2021, along with a commemorative Origins line that featured molds of the original toys in their original packaging. Both lines continue to this day, but the big question for collectors was…….how does this affect the values of the original toys from the 1980’s?

One would think the answer would be obvious, but sometimes the obvious isn’t actual reality. Prices of the original toys had always been strong, seeing gradual increases over time. Most of the main characters, such as He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Beast Man, etc. have always been in high demand, while other lesser characters can be much easier to find. Certain toys, such as the original 1982/1983 figures and accessories, have seen the biggest bump from these new re-issued toys, but as Mattel brings back additional new Origins figures based on the originals, each one seems to follow its own path. For example, a new Origins version of Panthor was released early this year with the original design and packaging for around $24 at retail. The original Panthor is valued at an average of $400, so if you don’t already have a Panthor in original box, this would be a much cheaper and easier way to add him to your collection. Therefore, the value of the original Panthor has not see much movement from the re-release.

On the other hand, Mattel released a new Castle Grayskull playset last year with the original design and packaging, that sold for around $80 at retail. The original Castle Grayskull in box is currently valued at $550 – $650. This value showed an increase of around $100 since the re-release of the new Origins Castle Grayskull, so this was an example of positive movement. The bottom line is that it’s literally a case by case comparison, depending on which figure or accessory is being talked about. On average, the new individual Masters of the Universe Origins figures sell for around $15 at retail. This is obviously a MUCH cheaper way to re-live your childhood, so it’s naturally going to have different affects on different types of buyers. For dedicated collectors, this may inspire them to go back and acquire the original toys of their childhood, but for more casual fans who don’t have the desire to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on originals from the 1980’s, these new Origins figures offer the perfect alternative.

So whether you’re a collector or just a fan, the re-release of new Masters of the Universe toys should be considered a good thing for everyone. Not only does it allow us the opportunity to buy new Masters of the Universe toys again, but it also introduces this amazing universe to a whole new generation that never would have had the opportunity to experience it otherwise. It keeps the franchise alive with brand new stories being told about our favorite childhood characters. These new stories answer some old questions and introduce other great new characters. At the end of the day, Masters of the Universe fans just want to see their beloved series continue on, so this is an amazing gift that we get to share with others who have not been able to do so in the past. Besides, isn’t it a truly beautiful site to be able to walk down a Wal-Mart or Target toy aisle, and see new Masters of the Universe toys lining the shelves again!

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