Hasbro Pulse Con 2021 – Transformers Reveals

Summary of Transformers Announcements

Hasbro held their now annual Pulse-Con from October 22-23 of this year, and it was packed full of new product announcements. For those not familiar with Pulse-Con, it is a two day virtual event that was started by Hasbro to build excitement for all of their upcoming releases. The event covers all Hasbro brands, but we will cover Hasbro’s Transformers announcements for now. Check my other posts to see what is happening with other Hasbro brands.

Hasbro revealed their upcoming Transformers releases on the first day of the event, October 22nd. The reveals featured characters from both G1 and G2, as well as a brand new Deluxe Legacy series.

First up are the beautiful figures from the brand new series called Transformers: Generations Legacy. This new line will feature characters from multi generations, with the first wave featuring Skids, Dragstrip (Stunticons), Prime Arcee, Kickback (Insecticons), Voyager Prime Bulkhead and G2 Leader Optimus Prime

Photo Courtesy of Hasbro
Photo Courtesy of Hasbro
Photo Courtesy of Hasbro

These new figures will be given a brand new packaging to match the beautiful sculpting for each character. The new packaging will be more cardboard heavy, as Hasbro is scaling back the use of plastics with their green initiative.

Photo Courtesy of Hasbro
Photo Courtesy of Hasbro
Photo Courtesy of Hasbro
Photo Courtesy of Hasbro

Last but not least, we will see a new Galvatron & Unicron Companion Pack. This new set will feature a re-sculpted Leader Class Galvatron figure from Transformers: The Movie and Unicron, along with mini-figures and warships. This is going to be an epic set that every Transformers fan will want, but it will be a Hasbro Pulse Exclusive.

All announced items should be available at various times before the end of the year and next, so keep checking the Hasbro Pulse page for further updates.

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